About InternationalsChat

InternationalsChat launched in Janurary 2005 with the goal of bringing the best possible chat experience to it's visitors. Since then we have expanded to your range of options after narrowing down the best possible chat solutions.

In May 2007 we unveiled our new redesign of the website that you see before you today. This is only a small part of our continuing mission to bring you the very best chat experience possible. With a more elegant design and what we feel to be the best possible chat solutions available today, InternationalsChat will continue to deliver only the best.

In the future we will continue to expand and improve as much as possible, constantly reevaluating the options available to us in the future to insure the quality of our service. New avenues are constantly being explored with the goal in mind of forever improving our service.

Mission Statement

At InternationalsChat we believe in the power of choice and the freedom to choose. Which is why we offer both the award-winning DigiChat as well as a standard IRC chat interface to our users.

One of our goals is to offer a means by which people all over the world may freely communicate. We will never charge any money for our free chat rooms.

InternationalsChat will always put the users' experience first and foremost on our priorities list. We hope this keeps our website and our service fresh, fun, and enjoyable for all.