IRC Chat Instructions

Logging in: Enter your desired chat name and press the login button. You may not use any spaces in your name, please use underscores instead. If the name is reserved or currently in use, you will have to choose another.

Chatting: While in a chat room you will see the messages sent by other chatters scroll up the main part of the screen. To send messages to the rest of the room click into the text box below and start typing. Press Enter on your keyboard to send the message to all chatters in the room.

IRC Commands

The IRC chat supports nearly all IRC commands. Enter the message "/help" (without quotes) for a list of available commands. An explaination of some commands are listed below:

/rooms This command brings up a list of public rooms on the chat server. You may enter these rooms with the /join command.

/join <room name> This command will move you to room name, where "room name" is the room you wish to enter. If that room does not yet exist, it will be created when you enter and you will be given Room Owner status and your name will be red. A private room can be created by appending an underscore before the name, for example: _my room.