InternationalsChat respects the privacy of all who visit our website.

We do not collect any personally identifiable information without the visitor's knowledge. In cases where the user provides such information (chat name, real name, age/gender/location, etc) InternationalsChat does not store such information beyond what is necessary for security and/or legal purposes. We do not make such information available to third parties outside of formal requests from law enforcement agencies, or where such information may be needed by us for legal prosecution of a user.

We do track and aggregate statistical information about the number of visitors to our site. Such data is used only for purposes of tracking website performance and for security/legal reasons. The following information is collected by us for such reasons:

  • TCP/IP Address - all activity is logged through your IP address for security and legal reasons.
  • Referrer Stats - if the URL of the last webpage you visited is made available to us by your web browser, we may track and aggregate this information to improve user experience. For example, to determine which search engines and other websites are sending us traffic.

Information tracked by us is not made available to third parties and is kept secured on our web server(s). We can and will supply any such data in cooperation with international law enforcement agencies as formally requested.

Questions or Comments?

Any questions or comments about our privacy policy may be sent to us here. We value our users and will make every effort to answer all questions.

If you feel we have collected information about you which is not clearly defined in this policy, you may request that we remove such information from our databases.